Hindu rice

If you like to enjoy the flavours of Asia without having to leave your home, then this is the rice for you. It’s a spicy rice and makes the perfect companion for your everyday meal.

Round rice* (82%) Squash* (7%), Raisins* (6%), Curry (2%), Blend of aromatic plants and spices (1%).

* From organic farming
* Warning: This product may contain traces of gluten

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Nutritional value(per 100 g of product)
Energy value:1489,26 KJ /350,83 kcal
Fat:1,15 g
of which, saturated:0,19 g
Carbohydrates:78,35 g
Of which, sugars:4,70 g
Fiber food:0,67 g
Proteins:6,44 g
Salt:0,01 g


As lovers of nature, healthy food and rural Galicia we believe there’s nothing more rewarding than working the land; so, in 2012 we decided to...

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